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Best Meshing workflows for CFD by application

Luca Brugali - Diana Magnabosco, EnginSoft

The mesh in between: a perfect midsurface result in few clicks

Laura Iannetti, BETA CAE

DEM application in Pharma and Food industry

Massimo Tomasi, EnginSoft

PASS tools for quick and easy piping sizing and analysis

Alex Matveev, PSRE

ACT (Ansys Customization Toolkit): how to customize your ANSYS Workbench and how vertical applications can support everyday simulation activities

Chemsdine Chemai, ANSYS | Riccardo Cenni, SACMI | Francesco Micchetti, EnginSoft

Multidomain modelling of a CNC machine with MapleSim

Elio De Marinis, EnginSoft

How to prevent the water hammer effect using 1D CFD

Erik Mazzoleni, EnginSoft

Mesh-less CFD simulation

Davide Pesenti, EnginSoft

Practice example of integration between FEMFAT and ANSYS

Klaus Hofwimmer, MAGNA

Design of steel, reinforced and prestressed concrete structures with CivilFEM for ANSYS

Roman Martín Martín, Ingeciber

Data-mining: effective tecniques to deepen the understanding of your Data

Novella Saccenti, EnginSoft

10 things I thought I knew about tolerances but...

Enrico Boesso, EnginSoft

The ANSYS vision for simulation-driven product development in additive manufacturing

Fabio Rossetti - Diego Boscolo Bozza, EnginSoft

Inverse forming simulation in ANSA

Laura Iannetti, BETA CAE

Smart product design for IoT wireless cionnectivity

Andrea Serra, EnginSoft

Numerical simultions for EMI/EMC compliance

Marco Pazzagli, EnginSoft

Hands On: TwinMesh™ a revolutionary mesh generator for reliable CFD simulation of Lobe Pumps, Gear Pumps, Vane Compressors and Scroll Machines

Jan Hesse, CFX Berlin

Virtual drop test with LS-DYNA

Claudio Martin, EnginSoft

PASS tools for quick and easy pressure vessels analysis

Andrey Krasnokutsky, PSRE

H2020 Research Programme: overview, tips and tricks

Carla Baldasso, EnginSoft